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The main part JavaGimmicks is a set of small utility modules - called Gimmicks - usable for different daily development tasks (for other stuff check the Sources section). Gimmicks are well documented and are easily available to your development projects via Maven or as bundled JAR containing all Gimmicks.

Download JAR bundle JavaGimmicks on Maven Central

Maven coordinates

Coordinates are module dependent - see below:

  <artifactId>gimmicks-[module name]</artifactId>

See modules overview page for more details.


Here you can find links to the API-Docs of the latest versions of JavaGimmicks-GimmickUtils

Version 0.98 API Docs Version 0.97 API Docs

Source / contribute

All sources are hosted on GitHub. They are spread over three repositories (see below). Feel free to fork!

Main project Playground (Small games/apps) Experimental area